Providing a Year-Round Experience for Mobility-Challenged Youth

Mobile Kids Foundation was founded in 2004 by a group of charitable businessmen who believe that all child amputees and those with physical limitations deserve the chance to grow up and lead fully productive lives regardless of their financial circumstances.

Working alongside the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, as well as various urban and suburban support groups, Mobile Kids identifies children who meet specified health and financial criteria and works with their families to provide mobile equipment at no charge. This philanthropic organization provides not only prosthetic equipment, but also wheelchairs and other devices that give children more freedom and greater control in any environment.

Once needy children are identified and approved, Mobile Kids will work with medical equipment suppliers within the geographic territory of the individual. While the program currently serves only those children in southeastern Michigan, it will soon be expanded to serve children all over the United States.

Mobile Kids provides other important services for children beyond mobility issues. It also works with various support groups to offer financial assistance to shelters in an effort to provide shelter for needy families with children. Also, the foundation gives funds to urban center schools for families to send their children to school.

An exciting upcoming development within Mobile Kids includes the development of a summer camp designed specifically for physically challenged children. The camp would be built using federal and state handicap codes with the objective of providing the same type of summer camp activities that are enjoyed by children without physical limitations. Some of these activities would include: nature walks, swimming, sports, camp fires and more. The camp will be based in Michigan’s lower peninsula and staffed by members who will coordinate activities and work with campers on a daily basis.

Now is your opportunity to make a life-changing difference for a child who has been affected by the loss of a limb. Every donation, no matter how small, is able to make a big impact!

A year-round facility and program for children in all categories of disabilities that is fully compliant with American Disability Act Standard

Unique, year-round facility that provides programs to:


Crosson’s Creek mission is to provide a place of empowerment, unity, and safety for any child living with a disability. Through creative programming, the child will be able to overcome barriers and stigmatized ideas to fully engage in the typical camp experience.

This camp is an opportunity to foster a child’s imagination, to give them a safe place to dream, and tangibly see that no barrier is too great, and that with creativity, determination, and teamwork, can and will be overcome.


By creating a culturally competent environment through staff training, ADA approved facilities and programing, the camp allows for any child to embark on a journey of fun, adventure and learning.

Programming designed to meet the needs of various mental and physical disabilities will be engineered, so any child can experience the vast array of offerings at camp.


Learning to overcome obstacles is an integral part of the mission of the Mobile Kid’s Camp, and will be facilitated through interactive programming activities.

Programming will be structured using curriculums developed specifically for Mobile Kid’s Camp, to foster acceptance, self esteem, responsibility and leadership.

The curriculums will be specifically developed to teach campers skills to potentially enhance their quality of life, and expose them to activities they may not have experienced before.


A child’s experience at camp will not only build self esteem, increase skills and knowledge, and encourage life skills, it will also serve as vessel to provide joy and excitement to those who participate in programming.

This will be done in a safe and interactive environment tailored to this underserved population’s needs. It will be a safe haven of enjoyment for campers and their loved ones.

You Can Help!

Please support Mobile Kids Camp with a donation. Your donation, large or small, will help us make this experience a reality for handicapped youth.

You can make a donation with your credit card or PayPal account by clicking on the yellow Donate button on this page.

You can also send your check to:

Mobile Kids Foundation
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Questions? Contact us at 586.665.7201 or send us a note from the form below. Thank you!

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